January 08, 2012

This is for myperfectyesung ! Thank you for submitting this picture! Enjoy!

Warning: foul language.

You watched Yesung take several selcas of himself. You giggled; it was snowing and yet he risked damaging his phone just so that he could post them on Twitter. When he put his phone away, you ran up to him and jumped on his back. He let out a shriek before clamping his mouth with his hands.

“Yeye!” you shouted as you held onto him. He held your legs around his waist and ran around, shouting randomness at its best. He ran really close to a bank of slow and turned his head to catch a glimpse of your mortified face. He wasn’t going to, was he?

“Oh, I am,” he said with an evil grin.

You screamed as he hauled the both of you into the pile of snow. You struggled from under him and shot up, ran about five meters away, shouting profanities towards him.

“Fuck you! I have snow down my underwear, thanks to you!” you glared at him while trying to fish out the quickly melting substance out of your pants and shirt. He got up and laughed. You kept glaring at him as he fell over laughing. You looked down at your pants and saw that there was a huge wet spot on your crotch area. You looked like some two-year old who couldn’t hold their bladder.

Oh, he was going to get it back good.

You walked over to him and pulled him up, pushing him back against the nearest car. You pressed your body up against him and breathe against his neck. You heard his breath hitch. You smirked.

You slowly ran your fingertips on his belly, under his coat and shirt. “You think it’s funny, getting me all wet like this?” you whispered seductively. You looked back at him and saw that his expression went from amused to confused to slightly aroused.

You sneakily grabbed a pile of snow that had gathered on the bumper of the bar. You made sure to keep your gaze on him, so that he wouldn’t catch you.

You leaned in closer, your lips almost touching. He tried to lean closer but you leaned back, smiling evilly.

“Maybe you should get punished for doing this to me” you whispered in that same seductive tone.

Just as he grabbed the back of your head to bring you close for a kiss, you pulled on the front of his jeans and shoved the snow in his boxers.

He let go of your head in shock, jumping about two meters into the air, screaming. You ran away laughing.

“Payback is a bitch!

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