May 04, 2014

Inspired by this because the guys over at pervingonkpop are my queens
Warning: fellatio
You come home to find Eunhyuk laying on the bed in his blue-grey fleecy pyjamas with white stars and moons on. You chuckle and climb on top of him, straddling his thin hips. He opens his eyes and smiles at you.
"Hey, beautiful.”
"Hey, you. Were you sleeping?”
"No, just closing my eyes for a second.” He runs his hands over your thighs, fingering the hem of your skirt.
"How was work?”
"It was boring. Kiss me.”
Eunhyuk obliges, curling his fingers around your neck and pulling you down to meet his lips. You hum contentedly against his soft lips. You try to pull away, but Eunhyuk doesn’t let you - he keeps a firm hold on your neck as your lips collide with his again and again.
"I missed you,” he mumbles against your lips.
"Really? How much?”
"A lot,” he replies before nipping your bottom lip. He swallows your giggle before you pull away just a little.
"What did you miss in particular?”
"Your eyes, your smile, your kisses,” he says softly, his fingers caressing your cheek. “And other things,” he adds, his hand sliding from your face to your breast, groping it gently over your blouse.
"Oh really?” You unbutton your blouse and throw it to the floor, “you missed these?”
Eunhyuk shamelessly stares at your chest and nods, his tongue flicking out of his mouth to moisten his lips. You arch into his touch when he reaches out and grabs your breasts with both hands, running his fingers along the lace of your bra. Your lips meet with his again, eagerly searching out each other’s tongues, as his hands slide down your sides to your ass. You run your hand down his chest, the fleecy material soft against your fingertips, as your lips move to his jawline, nipping it lightly before you lavish your attention on his neck, your fingers playing with the top button on his pyjamas. He lets out a shuddered breath when you move from his neck to his collarbone, slowly easing the button out of its hole and exposing more of his addictive skin. Eunhyuk combs his fingers through your hair and watches as you press soft kisses to his breastbone, moving further and further south as slow as you can stand, taking a brief detour to his nipple to flick it with your tongue and smirking when he shivers. You unbutton the next button and keep drawing an invisible trail of kisses on his skin, tracing the top of his abs with your tongue.
"Baby, please,” Eunhyuk says softly, bucking his hips off the bed a little, his eyes hooded and his teeth clenching his bottom lip. You just smile teasingly in reply and continue, pressing kisses to the soft skin and hard muscle underneath. By the time you get to the third button, Eunhyuk is practically moaning at every kiss, his eyes shut and his hips bucking wantonly, desperate for your touch. You smooth down the soft hair of his happy trail with your finger, grinning at the goosebumps that rise up on his skin, and kiss down his stomach. You undo the last button and press tiny, teasing kisses along the waistband of his pyjama bottoms that hang low on his hips.
"Baby, come on, I’m really hard,” Eunhyuk practically whines, bucking his hips once more for emphasis. You place your hand over his erection and rub it through the pyjamas. Eunhyuk releases a shuddered breath and immediately bucks into the touch, grinding against your hand. You take the waistband of his pyjamas between your teeth and pull them down painfully slowly. Eunhyuk squirms, the soft material of his pyjamas caressing the sensitive skin of his cock oh-so wonderfully, before his cock springs free, hard and pink with blood. Eunhyuk lets out a shaky moan when you lick the entire length of his cock before pressing an open-mouthed kiss to the head, collecting the bead of pre-cum that forms with your tongue. Satisfied with his reaction, you take his cock into your mouth. There’s no suction or tight seal with your lips, just warm wetness, but it still makes Eunhyuk whisper a curse.
Deciding that you’ve teased him enough, you take Eunhyuk’s cock as far down your throat as you can without so much as a hint of informing Eunhyuk. He emits a choked moan and twists his hands in the sheets. You start sucking almost straight away, bobbing your head, letting your lips slide up and down the thick length of Eunhyuk’s cock, your hand jerking off the part you can’t quite reach with your mouth, the heel of your hand pressing gently against his balls. Eunhyuk jolts and thrusts his jaw in the air, tilting his head back and pressing his head into the pillow as his hand moves to the back of your head, tangling his fingers in your hair. He bucks his hips up desperately, lustful moans and hushed curses tumbling out his parted lips.
Out of the blue, Eunhyuk tugs on your hair, pulling you off his cock before wrapping his hand around it and jerking off quickly. He comes with a cry of your name, his release hitting your breasts, painting them with beads of pearly white. He all but melts into the bed as he pants, his eyes shut and his hand still around his wilting cock.
"I guessed you missed me a lot, huh?”
Eunhyuk cranks open one eye and nods with a grin.

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