March 19, 2014

Donghae looks up and moves his headphones off an ear.
"Bless you." He smiles.
"Thank you," you reply as you blow your nose loudly and repetitively with a tissue, throwing it in the bin by your feet before huddling under your blanket as you lay on the sofa. Being sick sucked - you couldn’t breathe through your nose, you had a constant headache, you couldn’t go more than a minute without coughing or sneezing, your voice has turned nasally and you just wanted to sleep all the time. However, you were never one to let illness get in the way of your day, so you carried on as normal until Donghae forced you to rest on the sofa. You complied, but you refused to let him take care of you.
"Are you sure you don’t want me to look after you?"
"I’m fine, really; it’s just the sniffles," you say before entering a wild coughing fit. It feels like fire in your throat and it makes your headache throb that little bit more.
"It doesn’t sound like ‘just the sniffles’ to me," Donghae says from the kitchen before returning and handing you some water, his headphones now unplugged from his laptop and hanging around his neck. You smile gratefully before drinking the majority of it, saving a little so you can take two aspirin, swallowing them quickly.
"You know I don’t mind looking after you, babe. It’s no trouble." Donghae perches on the edge of the sofa next to you and places a hand on the mound of blanket where your arm is.
"I know, but you’re busy with the comeback and this would be the worst time for you to get sick."
Donghae smiles again and tucks your hair behind your ear tenderly, moving his hand to cup your cheek. You close your eyes and nuzzle into his warm, soft palm, letting your eyes slip closed for all of three seconds before another coughing fit takes over and you sit up, coughing violently into your hand, your head bowed into your lap. Donghae pats your back until the coughing subsides. You lay back again, your brow furrowed - the coughing made your headache worse and despite rest and aspirin, you could feel it pulsating painfully against your forehead.
"Okay, darling, I’m going to take care of you."
"No, Donghae, come on—mmph!" You are interrupted by Donghae’s lips on yours, his hand firmly holding your cheek so you couldn’t move. However, you manage to escape the kiss.
"Donghae! You’re going to get sick now!"
"I don’t care. I’m not going a week without kissing you or being near you just because you’re unwell."
"No buts," Donghae interrupts as he tucks the blanket around you. "I’m going to go to the store and get you some soup, and then I’m going to to the pharmacy to pick you up some medicine, okay?"
"Can you get me some ice cream, too?"
"Sure, baby, anything you want," Donghae replies with another smile before kissing your lips again, then getting up and heading for the front door.
"Does this mean I have to take care of you when you inevitably get sick?"
"Of course, and I’m going to make sure I’m a real pain in the ass," he replies with a grin as he walks out the door. You chuckle; knowing him, he’ll be the biggest pain in the ass of all time.

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February 16, 2014

Found this hiding in the inbox - thanks hyukaholic! (I changed the picture because that one had already been used, hope you don’t mind)
Donghae used to hate girls. He hated girls because they picked on him, poked his tummy and pinched his cheeks. And he hated that. He told himself that all girls were mean and awful and that he would never, ever be friends with a girl. Ever.
But somehow, he all forgot about that when he met this girl. Sasha was her name. She was different from all the other girls Donghae has met. She was nice and cute and smelled really good. She was so different from other girls that he even began wondering if she was actually a boy in disguise.
He got his answer one day when he peeked in while she was changing. He was eight years old and didn’t really know any better. All he knew was that what he saw in that room was most definitely not a boy.
As time passed by, Donghae began to really appreciate Sasha and how she stood out from all the other girls. She was the only girl he knew who could make him laugh so hard that his eyes would start welling up with tears. She was the only girl he knew who didn’t care if her hair was all messed up or if she reeked of sweat. She was the only girl she knew who was actually comfortable with who she was. The only girl he was actually comfortable with.
'Fishy' was a silly nickname. Donghae knew that. But he loved it, nevertheless. Sasha was the one who came up with it. He remembered it vividly because at that time, they were staring into a pond of fishes at the park. Little ten-year-old Donghae probably got too close to the water when he accidentally lost his footing and fell right into the pond with a big splash. Donghae was just about to cry when he realized Sasha was laughing. It didn’t matter that Sasha was seeing him in such a humiliating state or that she couldn’t stop laughing at him. All that mattered was that he made her laugh. And that felt good. Once she stopped laughing, she promptly told him that he fit right in with the fishes and that he should be a fish himself, hence the nickname, fishy.
There was one time when they shared a kiss. It was a small kiss; nothing to brag about. Donghae remembered it quite clearly because Sasha was the one who initiated it. They were twelve and both had never experienced a kiss before. So she just walked up to him, looked him straight in the eye and asked, ‘hey, you wanna kiss me?’. And at that time, all kinds of thoughts were swirling in his mind before he finally decided that, yes, he did want to kiss her. But before he could even respond, Sasha had already kissed him. Very lightly on the lips. His first kiss. It was quick and short and they never spoke of it again.
When they were fifteen, Donghae had some very exciting news to tell Sasha. But it turned out Sasha had some unexpected news for him too. Except Donghae’s news wasn’t nearly as disheartening as hers was.
“I got accepted into SM Entertainment!” He revealed with much excitement as he hopped up and down like a drunken little bunny.
“That’s great, Hae!” She grinned, which distracted him from his little celebration which mostly consisted of jumping up and down in glee. Every time she smiled, Donghae always had to stop and stare at her because her smile was just that beautiful.
Everything seemed so perfectly fine that day until she broke the news to him. She sounded so happy about it too. And that’s probably what crushed him the most.
“I have a boyfriend now,” she said.
Donghae’s whole world came crashing down. At that moment, he was finally able to understand all the sad songs he heard on the radio. He was finally able to feel what grown-ups feel. He was heartbroken.


For the next few years, Donghae became extremely busy. He never realized how hard it was to become a trainee, especially at one of the top companies in South Korea. It was exhausting; the things he never bothered to value were taken away from him: rest, sleep, food. But out of all the things he never got the chance to truly appreciate, Sasha was the one he missed the most.
Donghae finally saw Sasha again during high school graduation. By then, it’s been such a long time since he last saw her that he was surprised at how different she looked. She was older and taller and – although Donghae didn’t think it was possible – even more beautiful. When she went up on stage to receive her diploma, Donghae tried getting her attention but there were just too many people in the audience for her to notice him. So he tried to get her attention again, this time, when he was the one on stage. He scanned the place, looking for her as he accepted his diploma but she was nowhere to be seen.
Did she leave already? The thought made him panic. After posing for a picture with his parents, he quickly ran off stage and made his way through the crowds, calling Sasha’s name, hoping she would answer. But there was just too much noise for him to be heard. So he started asking around.
“Oh, she had to leave early,” a fellow graduate informed him. “She and her parents are flying to California. She’s received a scholarship there.”
Devastated, he returned to his seat with a big frown. But then he spotted a note taped to his chair, a note with Sasha’s name on it.

Hi Hae! It was good to see you again. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to catch up. Maybe next time, we can try again. I miss you, fishy!
- Sasha

And Donghae wanted more than anything in the world to let her know that he missed her too.


It’s been a few years since Super Junior debuted and Donghae has become really famous and popular. Especially around girls. He’s had many girlfriends since high school. He’s been in love again since then. But still, Donghae found it very hard to forget about her. Sasha Choi. His first love. His first kiss. The first girl he actually even liked. Maybe he never really stopped loving her. Maybe even with all the girls he’s been with, in the back of his mind, there was always that image of Sasha’s charming grin; something he could never, ever forget.
During his latest visit to Mokpo, Donghae decided it would be nice to visit his old high school, see his old teachers, look into his old classrooms. So he did exactly that. After visiting his father’s grave with a bouquet of fresh flowers, he hailed a cab and gave the driver the address of his old school, just as he remembered it.
He stepped foot in the school corridors as if he was back in high school again. As if he was that dorky, awkward teenager again. He looked around in awe, amazed at how so many things have changed yet still managed to stay the same.
That voice was familiar. So achingly familiar. He hadn’t heard that soft voice in years. And he never thought he would again.
A smile unknowingly broke out in his face the minute he laid eyes on her. She was still as beautiful as ever; her eyes still as bright as they were when they were kids, her cheeks still as rosy when she smiled, her face still so radiant. She hadn’t changed either.
“Wh—I didn’t expect to see you here.”
“I could say the same to you,” she chuckled. The same chuckle that always used to make Donghae’s heart flutter. And as a matter of fact, it still does.
“I’m actually teaching here now. I always used to tell you how I never wanted to leave this school and…I guess I never did.”
“That’s great.”
He had never gotten tongue-tied in front of Sasha before. He was always so comfortable, so secure around her. But right now, it felt like he was being introduced to a whole new world.
His eyes wandered to her right hand, where he spotted something very curious. A ring. On her finger. He pointed at it in a rather childlike manner as he questioned it.
“What’s that?”
“It’s called a wedding ring, Hae.”
“You’re married?”
Donghae didn’t think it was possible but Sasha just managed to break his heart once again.
Their reunion was sadly short-lived. Sasha was called in for a last-minute faculty meeting in the teacher’s lounge while Donghae’s cellphone was going off like crazy. His mother was looking for him; she wanted him to come home since his aunts and uncles had come over to see him.
Before parting, Donghae finally managed to spill out the words he has wanted and has been waiting to say for the past twenty-somewhat years.
“I love you, Sasha.”
A soft smile appeared on her serene face. Somehow, seeing it made him feel a bit better. It reminded him of the days when none of these even mattered. No pain, no hard feelings, no heartbreak; there was nothing. When it was just the two of them laughing together, smiling together, being happy together. Just being together was enough.
“I love you too, Hae.”
And then it struck Donghae how two people can say the same thing but at the same time, mean two completely different things.

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January 29, 2014

For Hazelnut Praline anon. Hope it’s what you wanted!

You laugh as Donghae puts the segment of orange in his mouth, the peel covering his teeth. He shoots you a grin, making you laugh harder. He chuckles too and pulls a series of poses, each one funnier than the next.
“You’re so funny, Donghae,” you say though chuckles, shaking your head at him. He smiles with the orange still in his mouth, making you laugh again. Donghae always made you laugh. He was always doing silly things and acting like a kid because he liked the sound of your laugh.
Donghae pulls the orange from his mouth. Well, tries to. It won’t budge. You look up from the magazine you had been reading.
“What’s the matter?”
“Mmm hmmm mmm mm mmmt,” Donghae grunts, pointing to the orange in his mouth.
“Mmm’s mmm.”
“It’s stuck?”
“Mmhmm,” he mumbles, nodding.
“It can’t be stuck. Just spit it out.”
“Mmm mmmt.”
You burst out laughing again, covering your mouth. Donghae shoots you a look.
“Mmm mmt mm-mmy!”
His impaired speech makes you laugh even more.
“Mmmm mm!”
“What was that? ‘Help you’?”
“Mmm,” he says, nodding again.
“No. You got yourself into it, you get yourself out. Besides, it’s nice to have some peace and quiet for once.” You pick up your magazine and resume reading. Donghae shoots you a weary look before pulling at the orange, moving his jaw in an attempt of shifting it. After many grunts of frustration and some juice dribbling from the corner of his mouth, Donghae manages to pull the orange from his mouth. He places the mangled fruit on the plate as he wipes his mouth.
“Finally! God, that was torture!” He exclaims. “Thanks for helping, by the way,” he adds sarcastically.
“My pleasure.”
“That’s the last time I do something stupid to make you laugh.”
“Oh Donghae, we both know that’s not true,” you reply, looking up from your magazine. He can’t help but nod in agreement. You start to chuckle again.
“You’re an idiot,” you say, shaking your head. Donghae smiles.
“I’m your idiot.”

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January 23, 2014

Found this hiding in the inbox! Thank you hyukaholic <3

Authors note: I wrote this months ago when the rumors of IU and Eunhyuk’s ‘wedding’ first came out
Hyukjae opened the door, expecting a hug and a kiss on the cheek from his boyfriend, but instead got a sarcastic smile and a shove on the chest.
"Congratulations on your wedding," Donghae greeted dryly. "How come I didn’t get an invitation?"
He gasped.
“Did it get lost in the mail?”
"Don’t you ‘honey’ me when you’re engaged to someone else!" He scolded as he grabbed the bowl of ice cream Sungmin was eating and started digging in.
"Donghae, you know it’s just a stupid rumour. Jieun and I aren’t getting married!" He insisted. "This isn’t even my fault; I didn’t start the damn thing. Why are you so upset?"
Donghae’s expression darkened, and Hyukjae realised he had made a fatal mistake.
"Ooh, hyung," Kyuhyun clucked his tongue. "Never ask him why he’s mad. Now you’re gonna get it.”
"Lee Hyukjae, how would you like it if I told you Sungmin-hyung and I are engaged?" He put his arm around said boy’s shoulders. "In fact, we have been for almost a year now; we just didn’t know how to break it to you. Isn’t that right, honey?"
"Mm-hmm." Sungmin didn’t even have time to respond as Donghae surprised him with a kiss on the lips.
"Okay, okay, you’ve made your point," he grumbled as he pulled him away from their group-mate. "Get away from hyung."
"And don’t ever do that again,” Kyuhyun warned, waving a finger in Donghae’s face. “Or else I will kill you.”
"Look, I know it isn’t true," Donghae rolled his eyes at their maknae before turning back to his boyfriend, “but just when I thought we can finally put all that Jieun crap behind us, this happens. I feel as pissed as I did when the scandal first came out.”
"Can we talk about this in private?" he asked. "I feel an argument coming on, and I don’t feel comfortable fighting in front of these two."
"No," Donghae returned to the sofa next to Sungmin and casually crossed his legs. "If you have anything to say to me, say it here, where there’s witnesses."
Hyukjae got on his knees and held Donghae’s fingers with both hands.
"So that’s why he didn’t want us around,” Kyuhyun grinned. “He’s gonna beg.”
"This is getting good." Sungmin smiled cheekily.
"Donghae, as far as I’m concerned, the only person I’m even dreaming of marrying is you. I want to get married to you, I want to have kids with you, I want to grow old with you and…and I love you.”
"You’re not proposing to me right now, are you?" Donghae asked with wide, worried eyes.
"No," he smiled. "But I plan to. Someday. And it’s gonna be perfect, and you’re gonna love it, and you’re gonna love me even more…that is, if you still do."
Donghae sighed, “You know I do.”
"It never hurts to make sure."
Hyukjae got off his knees to cup his face and give him a kiss. “Now can we just forget this ever happened? The ridiculous rumour, I mean.”
"I don’t know…it doesn’t seem like the guys are gonna let you forget it anytime soon."
He looked to Sungmin and Kyuhyun, who were both nodding and smiling mischievously.
Hyukjae groaned before kissing Donghae’s forehead.
“I love you, Hae.”
"Yeah, yeah," he waved his hand dismissively. "I love you too."

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January 15, 2014

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"So, I’ll call you?" Donghae says as he walks you to the door of your apartment.
"Of course. Thank you for such a lovely day."
"Thank you for letting me take you out again," Donghae replies with a smile. You can’t help but smile back. The date was perfect. He picked you up in the afternoon and the two of you had a picnic in the park before going for a long walk, talking and getting to know each other a little more until the air got too cold and the sun set.
You met Donghae in a film rental store. You both went to pick up the only copy of Iron Man 3 and laughed nervously when your hands collided. You spent ages in the store talking until he let you take the DVD home if he got your phone number. Donghae had been the first guy in a very long time who made you laugh and actually listened to you, so you were more than happy to exchange numbers. He was so perfect, though, that you didn’t expect him to call. However, he did and he took you out to dinner. You were too shy to even let him hold your hand, but on your second date today, you permitted him to clasp your hand in own his warm, large hand. He chuckled when you blushed, which made you blush even more.
"So, have a good night."
"You too."
Donghae’s sparkling, beautiful eyes bore into yours and he leans in. You swallow and urge to move your head out of the firing line. You didn’t want him to think you were frigid or not interested in him, but you had gone too far too quickly before with guys and you didn’t want to mess it up with Donghae; he’s perfect and you’ll be damned if you let him slip through your fingers. His lips press gently against yours for just a few seconds before pulling away. They were warm and oh-so soft. You miss them already. You can’t fight the blush staining your cheeks.
"Don’t be."
Donghae smiles.
"Good night."
"Text or call when you’re home. So I know you’re safe."
Donghae nods.
After planting another small, quick kiss on your lips, he turns and, with a wave, he walks down the hall to the stairs. You turn the key in your door and enter your apartment. You close the door and lean against it, you fingers against your lips. They’re still warm and they tingle. You can’t help but grin.

Donghae smiles the whole drive home and when he is in his own apartment, he takes out his phone and types a text:
Today with you was fun
I already miss you
His fingers hover over the keys for second before he types another sentence:
I love you ^^
He hesitates. Is that too much? It had only been two dates. However, Donghae couldn’t deny how his heart felt. He had always prided himself on telling the truth and saying what was on his mind, and this time wasn’t going to be an exception.

Your phone buzzes. You pick it up to see a text from Donghae.
Today with you was fun
I already miss you
I love you ^^
Your heart stops. He loves you? He loves you. He said it. He loves you. Your heart restarts and sings in your chest. Your body tingles with excitement and your stomach flutters with billions and billions of butterflies. Your breath catches in your throat and your palms begin to sweat. That must mean one thing.

Donghae looks to his phone. There’s a reply. He stares at that one sentences, that one simple phrase that makes his heart swell. His lips curl into a smile as he reads the reply over and over again:
I love you too :)

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December 28, 2013

Thank you anon for writing this for us!

Warning: smut
I’m not sure what I was doing there. Then again, I wasn’t sure what my job was anymore. But all I knew was I wanted him beyond belief.
I sat backstage, watching the screen. His sweat dripped down his body as his body moved fluidly and strong arms made precise movements and flexed most deliciously. I gulped unconsciously, feeling my mouth go dry. Lee Donghae would be the death of me.
The music made the floor throb along with the screaming fans outside, admiring the exact same person I was. I was supposed to be writing a report on every performance Super Junior had and soon I’d be completing my second year working with them. I knew most of them well enough. But Lee Donghae was a different story. Not that it meant mixing business and pleasure, but every time I saw him, I wouldn’t mind at all.
I shook my head, ignoring the strange sensations between my legs and continued looking at the screen. It was almost over. I scribbled down some more notes before tossing myself on the couch in front of the screen and pressed my thighs together, feeling a little ashamed of myself for thinking such thoughts of a person who thought of me as a friend. I took a deep breath, calming myself down as the show came to a close and the backstage crew around me erupted into action. Everything buzzed around me as I sat on the couch staring at the scrawled mess on the notepad. My hair was ruffled by Siwon and my shoulder poked by Sungmin. Crew and members shifted all around in an attempt to clear out as groupies poured in to the cramped area, instantly throwing themselves at the members. I cringed before standing up. I knew exactly how this would work; there would be an after party with a whole lot of alcohol and many drunken mistakes would be made and I wasn’t intent on it. If I was going to make any mistakes, it was going to be when I’m completely sober.
My attempts to leave were halted by a grasp on my wrist.
“And where do you think you’re going?” A charming smile was thrown at me.
“You know exactly where I’m going, Donghae.” I grinned back, releasing my wrist from his grasp and prodding him, ignoring the thudding of my heart and the uncomfortable feeling increasing. He looked a little too perfect in a sleeveless black button top and black jeans. He slipped the gloves off his hands and tossed them to one side. His bangs were plastered to his forehead and the remnants of whatever sweat he hadn’t managed to wipe off made his skin glisten, his pretty pink lips quirked upwards in a smile that could make anybody swoon. I fought the urge to jump on him right there.
“You could just join us for a bit.”
I shook my head and started looking for my bag as everyone began clearing out, some already drunk, some ready to lose their minds to the intoxicant. Finally spotting the black tote, I reached for it and slung it over my shoulder. I walked down the dark corridor towards the exit only to hear footsteps following me. I ignored them, assuming it was a member of the crew, until an all too familiar grip on my wrist tugged me back and pushed me against the wall of the badly whitewashed corridor. I gasped and looked up at those soul-sucking eyes that held a whole new emotion in them. Something feral.
“You,” He whispered, leaning closer. “For two years, I’ve watched you. I’ve waited to tell you how much I want you. I can’t wait anymore.” His breath fanned over my face as I stared at him, confused, inhaling his musky scent. He whispered my name and I whispered his name back as he pressed me further into the wall.
“I want you so bad.”
I cursed inwardly for letting my mouth speak before my brain, but Donghaes’s pupil’s dilated as his tongue ran over his lips before moving his hand to behind my neck and pulling me up for a soul-stealing kiss. I thought I was dreaming as it grew heated. I tugged at the hairs on the nape of his neck, making him groan into the kiss. His hands slid down and grabbed me by the butt, hoisting me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist. Our tongues tangled ferociously, making me whimper as he delicately sucked on tongue, his throbbing heat grinding against me.
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” He gasped out as we pulled apart for air.
“Because…I…didn’t want to…”
I cut myself off when his lips caressed my neck, making me shiver and my head fall back. His tongue trailed along the side of my neck and sucked on my earlobe.
“…ruin things.”
“You’ve made me wait two years.” He nipped at the skin below my ear as I groaned out, feeling the heat between our skin. “I won’t go easy on you.”
Enough talking. Tugging his hair, I pulled him into another desperate and sloppy kiss. His hands slipped under my t-shirt and splayed over my overheated skin. I shivered as my every nerve lit up and tingled. We unconsciously ground against each other wildly as he walked into the dressing room before kicking the door shut. His strong arms flexed as his fingers dug deliciously into my thighs, making me groan and cup his cheeks. One hand slid up my side, pulling my t-shirt off, while another caressed the exposed skin.
“You have no idea what I want to do to you,” he whispered as the bulge in his pants pressed against my wet core. I threw my head back in a weak moan and fisted on the material of his clothing. His lips, teeth and tongue abused my neck, littering it with purple marks of pure pleasure.
“Donghae, put me down.”
He unwillingly followed my orders. With one grip on the outfit he still kept on, I tore it off, watching the buttons fly across the room and pulling it off his tanned, sculpted torso. I shrugged my t-shirt off before attaching my lips to his Adam’s apple, feeling the vibrations of his moans against them. I nibbled down his collarbone as he squeezed my butt with his large hands. My hand palmed at his growing bulge making him moan out my name louder and I trailed my tongue down his torso, savouring the salty skin and the ridges of his abs. His moans and groans were music to my ears. His hands slipped behind my back and unclasped my bra, freeing my breasts from their cage as I fumbled with the button of his pants. His large palms encased my breasts and massaged them, making me groan out and yank his pants down violently. I sank down to my knees because my body couldn’t hold me up anymore.
“Beautiful,” he whispered, caressing the side of my face and tugging my hair out of its confines of a ponytail and watching it spill over my shoulders and forehead with lust-filled eyes. My fingers trailed along the waistband of his briefs as his eyes widened and he groaned at the thought of what was to happen next. Freeing his cock from the tight briefs, I kissed the swollen tip before wrapping my hand around his cock, pumping it slowly before spreading my lips over the tip and steadily sucking my way down it. The precum oozed down my throat as the veins throbbed against my tongue. A strangled groan and fingers tugging hard at my hair indicated what I was doing was perfect as I began to bob my head and pump what didn’t fit in my mouth, my other hand snaking its way to cup at his balls, stimulating him, pushing him closer and closer to the edge. He moaned and thrust into my mouth, making me gag before pulling out.
“I’m going to make sure you can’t walk for a week,” he growled, reattaching his lips with mine and groping and grabbing at my breasts, tweaking the perky erect nipples as lewd sounds escaped my lips before they got muffled by his. His hands unbuttoned my shorts and yanked them down along with my panties before his fingers ran up my wetness, pinching at the swollen skin between my folds.
“Donghae,” I groaned, bucking my hips against his fingers in an attempt to go get more friction where I needed it the most.
“So wet,” he whispered, surveying my heaving body with sparkling eyes as his thumb circled my clit, making me jerk. He slowly leaned me back onto the carpeted floor before thrusting a finger in. I cried out, raking my fingers down his back as he leaned down and captured the sensitive nub between his lips and added another finger in, pumping rapidly as I whined, whimpered and thrashed against the carpet.
“Donghae! Fuck me now!” I screamed as he sucked harder, the boiling pit in my stomach erupted for the first time in the night. He looked into my eyes, his lips covered with my juices. Something about that look on his cum-covered face was so erotic I moaned at the very sight of it. His pink tongue trailed over his lips before raising his fingers to his mouth and sucking on them. I bucked violently against him, signalling him to take me.
“You’re so beautiful, but so impatient.” He grinned, before rolling off and pulling out a foil packet from his jeans, tearing it open and rolling the rubber over himself. Hovering over me, he latched his lips to my right nipple and thrust in without warning, sheathing himself in my wet tightness. I moaned at the stimulation and clenched against him as he abused my breasts, gripping hard at my hips and slowly pulling out and thrusting back in.
“Move, please,” I whimpered, raking my nails down his back as he groaned onto my skin, mumbling about the tightness. He obeyed, picking up the pace, raising my legs over his shoulders and hitting the spot that made me see stars. My mouth hung open as he rammed into me, harder and harder, faster and faster. I screamed his name out when he moaned mine, gripping so hard onto my hips that crescent-shaped marks marred my skin. We moved so in synch, body against body, sweat mingling, fluids combining, voicing reaching pitches we never knew we could reach.
“I-I’m…” he choked as I clenched tightly around him, sensing my impending orgasm before pulling him into a sloppy wet kiss. I exploded, moaning into the kiss as his grip on my hips tightened and he stalled, rutting wildly before throwing his head back and groaning out my name. He collapsed on me and we shifted into a more comfortable position. Once he recovered his breath, he tossed the condom into the trash and wrapped his arms around my tired body.
“Donghae,” I whispered.
“This isn’t a one-time thing is it?” I panted, looking into his eyes.
“Never. My intention was to ask you out, but my urges got to me. As did yours,” he chuckled, leaning his forehead against mine.
“Good. How about that after party?” I asked, feeling my chest lighten. Donghae smiled and caressed my cheek.
“I have mine right here.”

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December 07, 2013

You are awoken by a gentle shake to the shoulder. You groan and slowly open your eyes, immediately regretting it. Your head feels like someone is repeatedly hammering against it, your mouth is dry and your whole body aches.
"Ugh, it’s too bright," you mumble, frowning and squeezing your eyes shut. You feel a cool hand against your forehead and you open your eyes again, blinking at the daylight. Donghae, your boyfriend, smiles down at you. You smile tiredly back at him and sit up a little. It isn’t until this point that you realise that you’re on the sofa and still in last night’s outfit, shoes and all.
"How was the party?" Donghae asks, stroking your hair away from your face. You had gone to the Christmas party the company you work for had thrown and judging by the fact you had passed out on the sofa fully clothed and had the hangover from Hell surging its way through your whole body, it was an enjoyable night.
"I think it was good, but I don’t remember much."
Donghae chuckles before handing you a glass of water and two aspirins.
"It’s like you read my mind," you say gratefully before popping the pills on our tongue, taking the water and drinking heavily. It tastes like Heaven. Donghae picks up a stack from the floor.
"There’s a fresh towel, still warm from the dryer, clean underwear and your comfiest sweatpants and hoodie."
He hands the stack to you before picking up a pile of DVDs with a small pile of paper on top.
"I have all your favourite movies that are happy and don’t have a complicated plotline, and I have the take-out menus from all your favourite restaurants."
He places the stack back on the coffee table.
"I have also turned off my phone and cancelled everything for today, so I can spend the whole day with you and look after you."
You can’t help but smile, despite your thumping headache. Donghae was the sweetest guy you had ever met. You pull him into a hug. You can feel Donghae smile against your hair before he kisses to your temple.
"Thank you. You’re perfect," you say against his neck.
"And you’re beautiful."
You raise your eyebrows.
"Not in the state, I’m not."
"Hungover or not, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world and I’m lucky to be able to call you mine."
Donghae cups our face in his soft hands and presses a gentle, lingering kiss to your forehead.
"Now, get in the shower and I’ll put some coffee on, and then we can watch Tangled."
"As long as we can sing along to all the songs," you reply as you stand and head slowly for the bathroom.

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November 26, 2013

To celebrate 2 years of SJPF, have something that I have been wanting to write for ages - 15xreader! Enjoy!
Warning: all the smut
You walk into the dorm after receiving a text asking you to come over to find 15 naked men waiting for you, each one wearing a dangerous, mischievous smirk and each one sporting a raging erection. You look at each of them and blink.
"W-what are you guys doing?"
"Waiting for you, sweetness," Hangeng answers before approaching you and attaching his lips to yours, his hands at your waist.

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November 21, 2013

Another one by hyukaholic. Thank you, my dear!
Eunhyuk told himself not to cry. He promised himself he wouldn’t.
He tapped his fingers on his thigh to distract himself. To distract himself from everything that was happening. From all the people around him, from where he was, from what he was feeling.
He had always loved him. Even when he hated him, he always loved him. He told himself that it was wrong, that those kinds of feelings should be restricted to fanfiction only. But as time passed, it became harder and harder to deny it.
Eunhyuk thought it had become pretty obvious, even. But it turns out, his natural touchiness wasn’t exactly a dead give-away. He hugged him, whispered in his ear and even groped him in public. But nobody ever suspected anything. The fans may have, but they’d believe in what they wanted to believe even if it wasn’t true.
Leeteuk told him to confess. He came up with a lot of reasons for him to do so. But still, Eunhyuk was too scared. Too scared of how Donghae would react. Too scared of how his family would react. Too scared of how everybody else would react. Too scared of what other people think. Frightened of what he himself thinks. But nevertheless, Eunhyuk tried to drop subtle hints every now and then. But either his hints were too subtle or he was just too clueless because he never picked up on any of them. Sometimes, though, he was okay with that. That way, every morning when he would come to wake him up, Eunhyuk could just pull him down on the bed, trap him in a hug and leave him with no other choice but to sleep next to him. And every single time, he’d smile and lightly kiss the top of his head when he was finally asleep. And it could never result into something too awkward because he had no clue at all.
But Eunhyuk’s mistake was thinking that things could stay like that forever.
All things come to an end, they say. Eunhyuk always thought that was an exaggeration but he soon learned the hard way that it was all too true. Things do have to come to an end eventually. And more often than not, it’s never going to end the way you want it to.
“Do you, Lee Donghae, take thee Jessica Jung to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health?”
“I do.”
Eunhyuk told himself not to cry. He promised himself he wouldn’t.
And yet, he still did.

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October 27, 2013

For eunhae-naekkeoya, who asked for a continuation for this thing I wrote, like, over a year ago. Enjoy!

Warning: use of sex toys
"Ooh, baby…fuck," Donghae says breathlessly as he watches you pleasure yourself with a clit stimulator. His tongue runs over his bottom lip as another wave of pleasure makes your body jerk, your hips rutting up into the vibrating plastic toy, your lips parting to let out a noise of delight. His eyes flit from your hand to your face. You feel your cheeks warm out of slight embarrassment and close your eyes, focusing on the intense feeling of the vibrator working on your clit. Over the sound of the buzzing toy, you hear the sound of a zipper being tugged down and when you open your eyes, Donghae is leaning back a little against the wall, his hand snaking into his boxers, letting out a shuddered breath when his fingers touch his hardening cock. His other hand slides up your leg to your thigh and beyond, inching closer to your wetness. His touch sets a blazing trail on your skin, making it prickle and come out in goosebumps. You emit a shaky gasp.
"You’re so wet," he say lustfully as his fingertips come dangerously close to where you need them. You swallow and wait for the feeling of his fingers entering you, but no such feeling comes. His hand leaves your body and he grabs the dildo on the bed, turning it on to a medium vibration setting and starting to slide it into you. You were so wet you didn’t need preparation or any other lubricant, so the toy slides into you easily. You moan as it penetrates you slowly, just like Donghae does when he’s fucking you, carefully filling you and stretching you. He takes the clit stimulator out of your hand and turns it off, placing it on the bed beside you before pushing the dildo in further, getting up on his knees and kneeling over you, his other hand still wrapped around his cock that is sticking out of his jeans. He times the jerks on his cock with the thrusts of the dildo, the pace getting faster and faster the more desperate and horny he gets. You writhe and pant for breath as Donghae fucks you with the dildo, the vibrations resonating through your whole body, only to resonate more when he turns the vibration setting up. Donghae leans down and starts to lavish your neck, sucking on your skin and nipping it lightly, licking over the marks he leaves. His moans rumble against your skin, his hand leaving his cock to pluck at your nipples, twisting them in his fingers, extracting erotic moans from your mouth.
"I can’t stand it any more," he rushes, pulling the vibrator out of you and tossing it to the floor. He pulls his shirt off over his head and pulls his jeans and boxers down as far as he could before lust and desperation take over. He grabs the back of your thighs and pulls your legs around his hips before slamming into you, the moan he emits deep yet broken as his cock his shrouded in wet heat. He fucks you hard, kissing your lips with fervour. You rake your fingers through his hair and clutch onto his body by his shoulders, feeling the muscles move under his soft skin he ruts into you. He buries his face in the side of your neck, his panted breath condensing against your skin, making it moist. You buck your hips off the bed to meet his thrusts, sending the head of his cock deeper inside you. You cry out and convulse in Donghae’s arms. The clit stimulator and the vibrator were amazing, but no hunk of phallus-shaped vibrating plastic could replace Donghae’s cock and how it could turn you into a writhing, moaning, sweating mess in next to no time.
"Oh God, Donghae, harder, harder!"
He obeys and ruts into you with so much force that the headboard, which was banging rhythmically against the wall, now bangs louder and faster. His naked chest slides against your sensitive nipples and you moan, arching your back to feel more of his sweaty skin on yours. Your dig your nails into his shoulder blades and he growls, sinking his teeth into your neck, making you cry out, your head tilting back and pressing into the pillow. With a grin, he grabs the clit stimulator, turns it back on to its highest setting, snakes his hand between your bodies and places it against your clit. You all but scream and buck your hips up wildly against Donghae’s own sinful hips still fucking you and against the toy, your skin heating up as your stomach twists and your lungs condense, making it harder and harder to breathe.
"Donghae! Oh my God, Donghae, fuck! Right there, don’t stop! Oh God, don’t stop!"
Donghae keeps up his thunderous pace as you smash head-first through the barrier and into the bliss of your euphoria, your body convulsing and your walls clenching around his cock, making him release a deep moan as his thrusts lose rhythm and his body quivers as he cums, your name on his lips. He keeps thrusting through his pleasure, making you shiver as your sensitive parts are still bombarded with wonderful sensations.
Donghae presses his head into the side of your neck as his hips stop moving, trying to catch his breath. You run your fingers through his soft hair as the dildo still buzzes on the floor.

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October 14, 2013

Happy birthday to the most perfect man in the world xoxoxoxoxoxo
Warning: smut
You return to your bedroom from the bathroom to find Donghae awake and reading a magazine in bed. When you had got up to shower, he was still asleep. He looks over the side of the magazine at you and flashes you a smile. You smile back and crawl on top of him, holding your towel around your body.
"Hey, beautiful," he says, putting down the magazine and combing your still-wet hair away from your face, cupping your cheek.
"Hello yourself," you reply, sitting up so you are straddling your lap. "Happy birthday."
"Thank you, baby."
"Have you had a good year?"
"The best. I married the most perfect woman I’ve ever met." He flashes you a dazzling smile and sits up, cradling you in his lap. You try not to blush as you press your lips to his, your fingers in his soft hair. He deepens the kiss and holds you closer to his warm, naked chest, wrapping a strong arm around your waist. His other hand falls from your face to your thigh, his fingers slipping under the hem of the towel and caressing your freshly washed skin. You smile against his lips and moan softly when his tongue comes into contact with yours. His hand slides further up your thigh, pushing your towel up. You run your hands down his chest, over his firm pecs and dark nipples and beyond, your fingers dancing over his abs. His fingers move to the inside of your thigh and you shiver under his touch his hand moves higher and higher up as he starts to kiss your neck. You gasp and tilt your head back, offering him more of your skin for him to lavish. In one fluid movement, your towel is removed from your body and ends up on the floor. You feel him harden against your ass so you grind a little on his cock, making his lips on your neck stutter, a deep grown rising from his throat. You push on his chest until he lays back down and, with a smirk, shuffle down his body to his hips, kissing down his chest as you go. You tug his pyjama bottoms down and his erection is freed.
"Ungh, baby," Donghae murmurs as you take his cock into your mouth, his hand flying to the back of your head, tugging gently on your hair. You take him deeper down your throat, making his hips buck up into your face as he emits a strangled moan. Sucking for a little more, you release his cock and crawl back up his sinfully sexy body, straddling him again. Carefully, you lower yourself onto his cock, moaning at the feeling of him fill you completely. Your head tilts back as you gasp for breath and Donghae’s hands snake up your thighs to grab your waist. You lift yourself up and press your hips down again, closing your eyes at how good it feels. You ride Donghae faster, rolling your hips in circles, your back arched. Donghae’s hands roam your body; your thighs, your ass, your breasts. He doesn’t take his eyes off you, watching your every movement with lust-filled eyes as you ride him, slamming your hips against his. He moans and starts to thrust up into you just as you slam down, sending his cock even deeper inside you, making the two of you cry out simultaneously. He tugs at your nipple, making your already-laboured breath hitch, before sliding his hand down your body and rubbing your clit with his thumb in fast, tight circles. The extra stimulation makes your body shudder and you arch your back as you ride him with all your strength, your fingernails digging into his chest a little.
"Donghae! Oh God, Donghae!" You cry out as you reach your peak, your inner walls clamping around his cock and your body convulsing, bucking into his hand that is still abusing your clit. Donghae tilts his head back and releases a deep, gluttonous moan, his hips rutting mindlessly into yours as he cums, his name tumbling out of his mouth in his smooth, rich voice, his chest rising and falling quickly as he pants for breath. He slows to a stop and relaxes, his now soft cock still inside. You lean over him and press a kiss to his lips.
"That was a great gift," he says against your lips.
"That was just the first. I have a lot more planned for you today," to reply with a sly smile. Donghae smiles back. This is going to be the best birthday ever.

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October 01, 2013

(Credit to whomever made these GIFs. I’m sorry if you think I stole them - they’re just for inspiration and SJPF does not claim them for ourselves. If you want to be credited as the creator, get in touch)
Warning: smut
Donghae liked to pull Eunhyuk’s hair. He liked the feeling of the soft strands against his skin, how it made Eunhyuk do whatever Donghae wanted, the soft, sultry moan that fell out of his band mate’s mouth when he tightened his grip.
Eunhyuk liked to have his hair pulled by Donghae. He liked the sting on his scalp, how the fresh wave of lust through his veins made his skin prickle, the hungry look in Donghae’s eyes when his fist delved into his locks.
Eunhyuk once again feels that firm grip on his hair and his head dragged towards his lover. He grins at the fans scream and cheer. Donghae eyes flick to Eunhyuk’s exposed neck, the notion of sinking his face into that expanse of milky skin and biting it crossing his mind, but he pushes it back and laughs, knowing that there would be time for biting later. Eunhyuk hands flies up and grazes Donghae’s chest as Donghae’s fist clenches and tugs on his hair. Both try to ignore their cocks twitching.
The show ends and back the hotel, Donghae and Eunhyuk stumble into their shared room, Eunhyuk fisting Donghae’s shirt as the younger man nips at his hyung’s plump bottom lip. The door slams closed and Eunhyuk is pushed up against it, his shirt tugged off his body with eager hands and dropped carelessly to the floor, Donghae’s shirt following closely behind.
"Jesus, Donghae," Eunhyuk groans lustfully when Donghae passes his hand over his hyung’s crotch, making Eunhyuk’s hips buck into the warm hand. Jeans are hastily undone and pushed down as far as they would go, their lips still locked as they both shimmy and kick their legs out of their clothing. Eunhyuk walks Donghae backwards towards Eunhyuk’s bed and they both land on it, bouncing a little. Eunhyuk moans into Donghae’s sweet mouth when Donghae runs his fingers through his lover’s hair, his hand clenching and pulling on the strands. He disconnects his lips from his dongsaeng’s and moves down his body, Donghae’s hand still in his hair, dictating where his lips touch. He pushes his head down and down, until Eunhyuk bottom lip touches the waistband of his boxers. Eunhyuk groans as he feels Donghae’s hard-on against his throat, the vibrations of his voice travelling through Donghae’s erection, making him shudder and mutter a curse. Eunhyuk takes the waistband between his teeth and pulls, tugging the clothing down tantalisingly slow. Donghae whines and thrusts his hips up a little, the stiffness of his cock making him desperate. With a smirk, Eunhyuk engulfs Donghae’s cock, making his dongsaeng moan and grip is hair even tighter, Eunhyuk’s body shivering as he feels the pang of pain in his scalp as his hair is pulled taut.
"Mmm?" Eunhyuk replies through a mouthful of cock. Another set of vibrations makes Donghae rut into Eunhyuk’s face, more of his cock sliding into his hyung’s mouth.
"I want it. Now."
Eunhyuk smirks again and releases Donghae’s cock with a pop before replacing the space in his mouth with his fingers, sucking on them like he was still sucking on Donghae’s dick. Donghae bites his lips at the visual - Eunhyuk’s lips stretched over his 3 fingers, his cheekbones prominent, his eyes closed. Donghae spreads his legs and Eunhyuk thrusts a slicked finger into him, quickly followed by another and then another, knowing Donghae can take it. Donghae’s eyes flutter closed and he shifts against the bedsheets, rolling his hips, pressing down onto Eunhyuk’s fingers, taking them deeper inside him. Eunhyuk tugs his boxers down with his free hand and palms his cock loosely.
Donghae whines again when the fingers are ripped away, but there is no time to complain as he feels the head of Eunhyuk’s cock at his entrance. Eunhyuk enters him and Donghae’s jaw goes slack. Eunhyuk doesn’t stop until he is completely sheathed inside his lover. Both of their heads and dicks throb as their skin prickles with hunger and lust.
"Hyukkie…" Donghae whispers.
Eunhyuk shifts his weight to one arm and runs a hand over the side of Donghae’s dewy face, his thumb running over his bottom lip. Eunhyuk starts to move, his hips sliding back only to snap forward, his cock disappearing back into his lover, his pace even but quickly building with every glorious movement of his slender, talented hips. Donghae pants for breath as he feels his cheeks redden with exertion and heat as he feels his body temperature rising.
"Ungh, Donghae, fuck," Eunhyuk moans, rutting into Donghae’s tight heat faster, the sound of skin hitting skin getting louder and quicker. Donghae slides his hand up Eunhyuk’s back to the back of his head, curling his hand into his red locks and tugging harshly. Eunhyuk lets out a mixture between a moan and a cry and his cock penetrates Donghae deeper, hitting that spot inside him that makes his toes curl and his body convulse. He holds onto Eunhyuk’s hair, tugging on it hard, pulling his head back, baring his neck. Donghae raises his upper body and sinks his teeth into Eunhyuk’s neck, sucking hard on his soft skin. Eunhyuk cries out, his whole body being pummelled with intense sensations as he slams into Donghae over and over again, shifting his weight to one hand again and reaching between their sweaty bodies, gripping Donghae’s neglected, reddened cock and jerking him off in time with his thunderous thrusts. Donghae releases a gluttonous moan against Eunhyuk’s neck before the lust takes hold of him and he lays back down on the bed, his head tilting back, pressing into the pillow.
"Hyukjae, fuck, Hyukjae, right there! Oh, God! Fuck me harder!"
Donghae words resonate in Eunhyuk’s head and it sends a delicious shiver down his spine. With a few more jerks of his cock, Donghae reaches the threshold of pleasure and cums with a scream of Eunhyuk’s name, his seed spilling over his stomach and Eunhyuk’s fingers.
"Fuck, Donghae, baby," Eunhyuk grinds out as Donghae clamps around his cock, his walls contracting and relaxing, squeezing him deliciously as his hand still tugs on his hair. It is enough to make him cum hard, thrusting mindlessly into Donghae’s still-clenching heat as the man below him groans weakly as his prostate is still pummelled, making his cock twitch feebly. Eunhyuk’s hips slow to a stop and Donghae’s grip of his hair loosens, his hand sliding down to Eunhyuk’s face, cupping his cheek. Eunhyuk looks down at his lover through half-lidded eyes and smiles.
"Did I pull too hard?" Donghae mumbles. Eunhyuk rubs his scalp and shakes his head.
"You know I love it."

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September 25, 2013

Another Eunhae teacher smut, anyone? This one is for you, hyukkiebaby. Much love!
imageRead the sort-of prequel here and the prequel to that here
Warning: smut
September rolls around and you were back at college. For others, it was a drag, but for you, it couldn’t come quickly enough. You couldn’t wait to get your hands on your teachers again. You had seen them once at the beginning of the summer after swapping numbers at the end of term, meeting them in a empty car park one Saturday night. Donghae fucked you into the backseat, the upholstery scraping at your hands and knees, as Eunhyuk forced his cock down your throat, pulling on your hair and releasing deep, gluttonous moans into the humid air. They didn’t contact you for the rest of summer. You didn’t want to bug them in the fear they would revoke your access to mind-blowing sex, so you didn’t contact them. Now it was the first day of term and your mind ran amok with how they might bring you the most intense orgasm.
On your way to campus to attend a class taught by a stuffy woman you didn’t really like, you receive a text from Eunhyuk:
Skip class. Come to our office now.
Unquestioningly, you change your direction and head to Donghae and Eunhyuk’s office. He sounds angry. Your skin prickles with trepidation and excitement.
You rap your knuckles on the door. A voice sounds from inside the room.
"Come in."
You open the door to see Donghae and Eunhyuk standing by Eunhyuk’s desk, Donghae perched on the end while Eunhyuk stands upright, his arms folded over his chest. They’ve both changed their hair again.You like it. Donghae looks you up and down and parts his lips but the look anger is still apparent on his face, while Eunhyuk stares at you, absolutely livid.
You close and lock the door behind you.
"Did you get bored of us over the summer? Find someone else, perhaps?" Eunhyuk asks. You shake your head.
"Then why didn’t you talk to us? Don’t you want us to fuck you any more?"
"Yes, I do, so very much. I’m sorry, I really am," you rush, terrified of losing them. They were the best fuck of your life and you love experimenting with them more than anything in the world, pushing your body to the ends of what is possible and to the very heights of unbridled pleasure.
Eunhyuk approaches you, his arms still folded and circles you closely.
"You need punishing, my love." His voice is low and dangerous in your ear and his breath is warm on your skin. You swallow back a moan, but it rises back up your throat and out your mouth when Eunhyuk attaches his lips to your neck, sucking and nipping at your skin. Donghae slides off the desk and approaches you before his lips press onto yours, immediately searching out your tongue. God, you missed this; their soft lips, their wandering hands, the way they made you feel on fire every time they were near you.
"We missed you," Donghae murmurs onto your lips between hot kisses, and Eunhyuk makes a noise in agreement against your neck, which vibrates on your skin and makes you shiver. You grip Donghae’s tie in your hand and pull him closer to you with it, making him smile against your lips before he catches your lower lip between his teeth and sinks his teeth into it just as Eunhyuk nips harshly at your neck. The wonderful sensation makes you release a rich, gluttonous moan into Donghae’s mouth.
They make light work of your clothes, their lips leaving you only for a few milliseconds before they’re back again, this time Eunhyuk tugging at your chin, making you turn your head, claiming yours lips for himself while Donghae nips along your collarbone and sucking on the purple marks his colleague had left on your neck, deepening the colour further. You melt into Eunhyuk’s kiss - any time away from him makes you forget how much of a good kisser he is, so every time your lips touch his, you are pleasantly surprised and get to relive it over and over again.
You duck out of the way and let the two professors make out, watching with desire as you undress them, leaving their suits crumpled on the floor by their feet as Donghae reaches for Eunhyuk hard and wet cock, the teacher shivering under his touch as he toys with Donghae’s nipple, tugging it between his thin fingers. You try to bite back a moan; it was hot as hell when your professors touched you, but you simply loved watching them touch each other.
"Is…is this my punishment? Because it doesn’t seem like much of a punishment to me," you ask. Donghae looks at you and then at Eunhyuk, who nods. Before you can register what is going on, Donghae takes your hand and yanks you over to the Eunhyuk’s completely empty desk, bending you over the edge of it. The two professors stand wither side of you. You swallow and quiver as Donghae runs his fingers up the back of your thigh. A sharp sound and a flash of pain to your ass makes you cry out. You look over your shoulder to see Donghae’s hand in the air just above your ass. Another sound and more pain, but Donghae’s hand doesn’t move. The two take turns in spanking you, hell-bent on turning both your cheeks bright red. You cry out and tremble and jerk at every hand on your ass, their aim impeccable, able to hot the spot where it hurts most every time. It flushes doses fresh lust through your veins and you resort to rubbing yourself against the edge of the desk, trying to get much-desired friction off the smooth surface.
"No, I can’t take it any more! Please, I need it, I need you both in me!"
"Are you sorry for not talking to us?"
"Yes! Yes, I’m so, so sorry! I-I just didn’t want to bug you guys and I didn’t want you to see me as desperate because all I could think about all day, every day, was both of you inside me, fucking me so hard I scream and black out and I realise how stupid that makes me sound because you wanted that too but I’m here and I’m sorry and please, please, just fuck me, use me, make me yours!" Your rush of words makes you out of breath. Over your shoulder, you watch the two teachers look at each other and nod before you are grabbed by your arm and sat on the edge of the desk. The cold surface of the desk on your hot, angry skin makes you wince, but you ignore the pain in your ass and bury your face into the crook of Donghae’s neck.
"Here’s your reward, babygirl," Donghae says against your temple as he slams into you.
The next 40 minutes are a blur. The two professors certainly reward you - they fuck you in every position thinkable: Donghae ruts mindlessly into you whilst also fucking himself on 3 of Eunhyuk’s long fingers; Eunhyuk buries his face between your legs, the sinful movements of his tongue and lips making your legs tremble uncontrollably as you moan around Donghae’s cock as it shoved far down your throat; you are bent over the desk again and Eunhyuk fucks you hard, his breath like fire on your back as his grip tight on your hips, as Donghae pistons in and out of him, moaning and growling, strings of filthy words falling out of his open mouth. You lose count of how many time you orgasm - just as the body trembles subside, another cock is thrust into your mouth or a tongue is back on your clit, pulling you once again towards euphoria. Eunhyuk cums with a scream of both your and Donghae’s name as he cums on your stomach, his cock going limp, only to growl and for his cock to twitch into life again when he watches you run your fingertips through the ropes of pearly semen and to suck your fingers clean. His shoves his cock back into you and carries on going. Donghae watches from over Eunhyuk’s shoulder and thrusts into Eunhyuk’s still-clenching heat even harder. It lasts for what seems like hours - moans and pants and the sound of skin hitting skin resonate in your ears as you are pleasured beyond anything you had ever experienced, the intensity of it making your head spin so you close your eyes and just hold on for the ride.
Donghae releases for second or third time and you swallow it down before releasing his cock and resting your head on thigh as you kneel on the ground, your body still twitching from Eunhyuk’s head under you, worshipping your clit. At some point you had all ended up on the floor and you curl up on the carpet, the coarse fibres scratching at your skin. Donghae and Eunhyuk lay next to you, their arms around you, pressing soft, lazy kisses to any part of your skin they could reach without having to move.
"You did well, baby," Eunhyuk says softly before kissing your shoulder, his fingers tracing light patters on your hip. You smile against Donghae’s chest.
"You worried us when you stopped calling. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. We’ll always deliver," Donghae murmurs into your hair.
"I won’t, I promise."
You place your hand over their interlaced ones on your waist.

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September 04, 2013

For Lena. Lots of kisses xxxxxxxx
Warning: boy smut
Ryeowook closes his eyes as Donghae sings in his ear, his arm around his neck, pressing the younger’s back into the older’s firm chest. Donghae is warm, so warm. The sound of the fans screaming fades as Ryeowook loses himself in the sound of his hyung’s sweet, smoky voice, making a fresh sweat break out over his already misty forehead, beading at the temples and dampening his hair even further. Donghae notices this and he can’t help but smirk as he detaches himself from his dongsaeng and walks to the other side of the stage, but not before giving Ryeowook’s ass a surreptitious slap.
The concert ends and the band retire to the van to drive to the hotel. Donghae sits next to Ryeowook and talks animatedly to the others about the concert, but his hand on Ryeowook’s thigh is obscured from sight. Ryeowook’s skin prickles and wills the van to get to the hotel faster so he can enjoy his hyung’s hands on his body without the risk of being caught.
At the hotel, Ryeowook eagerly awaits the knock on his door. He changes into sweatpants and an old shirt and brushes his teeth twice to pass the time. He’s just about to give up when it comes; 4 knocks in quick succession, then silence for a second, then 2 more knocks. Ryeowook paces to the floor and flings it open and his lips are immediately covered with warm, thin ones, a hand on the back of his neck, fingers already tugging at his hair. He hears the door close as he is pushed up against the wall.
"Did anyone see you?" He asks between kisses.
"No. That’s why I was a long time," Donghae answers, his lips slipping down and sucking deliciously at Ryeowook’s jawline as if in apology for taking so long. The younger man forgives him with a pleasured sigh as his hands grip at Donghae’s shirt, wanting desperately to get it off so he can feel the firm muscles and soft skin that make up the gorgeous chest that he was pressed up against on stage. With a self-satisfied smile, Donghae unlatches his delectable lips from Ryeowook’s jaw and pulls his shirt over his head, dropping it on the floor. His smirk widens when Ryeowook looks down and runs his hands down the glorious expanse of skin revealed to him.
"I love that you worship my body," Donghae murmurs in Ryeowook’s ear before tracing the shape of it with the tip of his tongue, making the younger man visibly shiver. Ryeowook would roll his eyes at his hyung’s smugness if Donghae hadn’t stripped him of his own shirt and pressed their chests together, sharing warmth and friction whilst pressing their hardening cocks against each other, making both of the men groan low in their throats. Donghae rolls his hips like he would if he were dancing, creating friction, until one of them can’t take it any longer.
"On your knees."
Ryeowook obeys, sinking to his knees as Donghae pulls on his basketball shorts, letting them fall to his feet before his boxers join them, wrapping his hand around his erection, pointing it in the direction of Ryeowook’s awaiting mouth. The younger man laps at the hot, hard organ before taking it fully in his mouth, sliding his lips further and further down the shaft until the head of Donghae’s cock hits the back of his throat. He works his mouth up and down, coaxing gluttonous moans past his hyung’s lips, the fingers returning to his hair again, tugging hard on the strands. Ryeowook feels no pain; it encourages him to go faster, deeper, hollowing his cheeks. Donghae curses and runs his fingers over Ryeowook’s defined cheekbones.
"God, it’s like you were made for sucking dick…"
Ryeowook smiles around Donghae’s cock. Donghae tugs on his dongsaeng’s hair again, this time harder, making Ryeowook pull away from his cock before he stands. Their lips reunite in a heated kiss as they stumble towards Ryeowook’s bed, hands sliding over hot bodies. They don’t even reach the bed; Donghae yanks down Ryeowook’s sweatpants and boxers, the material pooling at his ankles, and he trips, falling to the floor, dragging his hyung with him. They both laugh but make no movement to stand back up - instead, Donghae sinks his teeth into the milky skin that joins Ryeowook’s shoulder to his neck whilst his hand wraps around the younger’s aching cock, making Ryeowook gasp and his back arch.
"Where’s your lube?"
"S-suitcase," Ryeowook stutters, pointing over Donghae’s shoulder. Donghae lets go of the younger man’s cock, making the latter whine, and crawls over to the half-full suitcase, rummaging through it before finding the tube of lube and crawling back to his lover. Ryeowook takes a mental photograph of the sight before him - Donghae crawling towards him, naked, his cock impossibly hard, carrying lube between his teeth, his eyes ablaze with hunger and lust.
Donghae settles in between Ryeowook’s thin legs, his strong hands spreading them a little more, before lubing up his fingers and pressing one into his lover. Ryeowook’s moan gets stuck in his throat as his breath hitches. Donghae quickly adds another finger, wanting to get his lover prepared as quickly as possible to he could bury himself deep inside him. Ryeowook shudders at the sting of a third finger, but he finds pleasure in the pain and bucks into the intrusion. His body feels like it’s on fire and his cock throbs almost painfully, but he loves every second.
The fingers are gone and Ryeowook hears the squirt of the lube coming out of the bottle. The sound makes his cock twitch. Donghae lets out a sigh as he lubes up his cock before abruptly pushing into the younger man. Ryeowook cries out and thrashes against the floor, the carpet scratching a little at his back. He squeezes his eyes shut at the pain as Donghae continues to penetrate him, his eyes rolling up in his head at the feeling of his cock encased in hot, tight heat, moaning when he’s fully sheathed inside his lover. Ryeowook’s forehead wrinkles as he furrows his eyebrows. Donghae leans down and presses a kiss to the adorable crinkles as he slides his hands up Ryeowook’s trembling thighs. Ryeowook lets out a high-pitched groan, letting him know that he’s ready, and Donghae’s hips pull back before they snap forward, filling his dongsaeng all over again. Ryeowook’s mouth opens in a silent scream as his head tilts back, his whole body fizzing as Donghae surges into him over and over again. Donghae’s fingernails dig into the younger man’s skin as he grips his hips before his hands slide down to Ryeowook’s ass, grabbing the soft globes in his hands and spreading them so he could shove his cock even deeper into sinfully delicious tight heat whilst raising Ryeowook’s hips at the same, changing the angle and sending his cock right against Ryeowook’s sweet spot. Ryeowook’s whole body convulses as he lets out a scream, completely forgetting that his bandmates were on the other side of the wall.
"D-Donghae, hyung, right there…"
Donghae gets the message; he pounds into Ryeowook with all his might, abusing his prostate, drawing out lustful whines and moans from between Ryeowook’s kiss-swollen lips.
"You’re such a good fuck, oh my God," Donghae grinds out, panting harshly as he ruts into his bandmate. Ryeowook feels a warm hand around his cock, pumping in time with Donghae’s quick thrusts, and his nails scratch at the carpet, desperately something to hold onto so he doesn’t lose his mind.
"I’m so close, hyung," Ryeowook whimpers and Donghae groans at his lover calling him ‘hyung’ when he’s balls-deep inside him. It only takes a few more hard thrusts and a few more pumps on his cock and Ryeowook comes undone, releasing all over his stomach with a cry of Donghae’s name, his body shuddering and his neck arching, his hips bucking wildly against Donghae’s, making the small of his back rub against the carpet. Donghae curses at the clenching heat around him and continues to fuck Ryeowook as he cums, the veins on his forearms popping out as he grips Ryeowook’s ass so hard the younger man whimpers.
Donghae pulls out with a hiss before falling sideways, slumping against the wall.
"I think I have carpet burn on my back," Ryeowook says breathlessly, turning on his front.
"Yeah, you do."
Donghae stands on wobbly legs and gets Ryeowook’s lotion from the nightstand. He kneels next to his bandmate and gently rubs lotion into the angered, inflamed skin. Ryeowook sighs at Donghae’s soft hands soothing the burn. Donghae helps him up and over to his bed before redressing.
"I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Sleep tight."
Ryeowook opens his mouth to ask Donghae to stay, but he knows he can’t. They can’t risk getting caught.
"Good night, hyung."
Donghae presses a soft kiss to Ryeowook’s lips before ruffling his tousled hair and leaving the room, switching the light off behind him.

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August 27, 2013

Donghae fellatio for ispeakjacksonese because yes
Warning: fellatio
Donghae closes his eyes at the sound of you unbuckling his belt, pulling warm leather from cold metal and leaving it dangling, the fastening clinking softly. His breath hitches in his throat and his tongue flicks out to moisten his lips as you unbutton his jeans, the side of your hand pressing gently against the bulge of his erection as you wrestle with the buttons. You run your fingers over the material of his boxers, feeling the hard flesh underneath. Donghae visibly shivers at your touch and you look up at him to watch him bite his bottom lip as you curl your fingers over the waistband of his boxers and tug them down a little, letting his cock spring free from its confines. You swear you hear Donghae let out a sigh of relief - he had been hard for a while now, but you loved to tease and he always took it and waited patiently, letting you work at your own pace.
He had been patient enough. He deserved a reward.
You lick a stripe along the underside of his cock, from base to tip, before curling your tongue around the pink, leaking tip. Donghae’s moan comes out broken as you suckle lightly at the head, teasing the supple skin with the tip of your tongue. Donghae’s hand reaches out and he runs his fingers through your hair, pushing it away from your face so he can see his cock in your mouth. You let him and look up at him from your position on your knees in front of him, knowing he thinks it’s hot when you look up at him from down there with his cock in your mouth.
"Jesus Christ," he breathes, looking down at you and watching as you swallow the majority of his cock, taking it further and further down your throat until you can’t take any more without serious discomfort. You draw your head back, dragging your lips over his sensitive flesh, all the way to the head, creating suction that makes another moan slip out of Donghae’s mouth. You swallow him down again, starting up an even pace, one hand curling around the base of his cock to hold it steady, your fingers stroking the part you can’t quite reach with your mouth.
"Faster, baby."
You comply, moving your head faster.
"That’s right…fuck, just like that…"
Donghae’s fingers in your hair tighten, gripping the strands tightly but not tight enough to hurt. You suck a little harder, making Donghae growl, his patience and tolerance for letting you tease now crumbled at your feet.
"Wanna fuck that beautiful face."
His hips jerk into your face, pushing more of his cock down your throat. His hand twists in your hair, persuading you to keep it stationary as he thrusts into your mouth, moaning at the warm, wet suction you make. His thrusts get a little rougher and you moan, the vibrations travelling through Donghae’s cock and rocking his body to its core. He can’t take his eyes off your face as he ruts into it, rolling his hips like he does when he dances. Your fingers tug at his boxers a little more and you reach for his balls, massaging them in your hand. This is enough to finish him off, his head tilting back as he cries out, releasing into your mouth. He keeps thrusting as he moans your name and you drink everything he shoots into your mouth as his thrusts slow and then stop. You detach your lips before pressing an open-mouthed kiss to the tip of Donghae’s cock, the sensations on his over-sensitive flesh making him shiver.
The fingers in your hair lose grip and he strokes your hair back into place before sliding his hand down and cupping your face. You lean your cheek into his palm.
"This was just for starters. Wait until I get you behind closed doors," you say. Donghae’s cock, still sticking out of his of boxers, gives a twitch at the prospect of more pleasure.

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